Monday, February 23, 2009

Just take my wallet.. Come back with a house!

Just a quick update.

Well the fun has begin, and the paper chase in in full form.

An outline of what has been happening over the last 48 hours:

The Bank and Broker
The broker wants the First Homer Grant filled out and mailed back. This would be fine but to do so I need a building contract!

The bank is still doing the full full approval of the land loan and still waiting on approval on the construction loan. The bank sends these both out together!

Well the government wants a FHOG form filled in (obviously). With this you need the full building contracts which take up to 7 weeks to prepare (currently in week 2).

The builder wants copy's of my 100 page land contract and notification on conditional approval for the construction loan which I don't get until CBA passed on the approval for the land loan. The builder is waiting for there before they continue with everything.


I love the conveyancer. Hasn't bothered me one bit at all, and done exactly what I needed it to do with no hassle.

I should note that all companies involved have been fantastic, I just thought I would vent my paper frustration lol.

Ill also note that Georgie mentioned she wants to get the house unpainted (only if we get a credit from the builder, and only interior colours). She wants to do this because she wants to paint it. Hmmmmm... I suppose you can guess whats going though my head. LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good bye money.... Hello Variations!!

Today we had our variations appointment with Porter Davis. This involved getting out of bed nice and early, much to Georgie's disgust (and this was for a 10am appointment).

We met our customer service consultant and he gave us a big pile of papers. He went through every little detail and explained everything that was involved. He outlined the building quote, explained the fixed prices and gave us a thorough inclusions list.

He went through the process of how we pick the bricks, colours, tiles (that's a story), carpet etc. We only had 3 variations to the quote.

1. The Alfresco.
The Alfresco (fancy word for roof extension) will be 3.5m x 5.0m. This was $4561. I should note this is not including the concrete flooring.

2. "Sneaky" Door
Sliding door in Lieu of dining room window. This was a bonus. As we walked through the display house he noted that to have a sliding door in place of the window in the dining room would only be $319. This was one variation we couldn't pass by! Who wants a window when you can have a door!!!

3. Flooring!!!
This is the painful one. Our promotion includes floor coverings to all rooms. This means carpet to the dining and living rooms, and rumpus room (where I will be doing a fair bit of drinking). Who wants to eat or drink lol on carpeted floors. So we made the variation to get the Living, Rumpus and Dining floors Tiled. This is where the bank took a hit. $79 EXTRA per square metre.

They do not take the price of the carpet away. So technically we are paying to have flooring layed twice in both rooms. We could probably save money by getting it done aftermarket, but that would mean more stuffing around, and considering we are only getting 3 variations (or extras) I think I will just pay it.
I should note that to change the carpet in these rooms to tiles will cost me $5291. Ah well, you win some you loose some ROFL.

So where to from here? Should be getting a call from the Interiors showroom and National Tiles in the next couple of days.
I also have to shoot off a copy of the land contract (and two exist, one with the bank and the other with the conveyancer) so this might be fun! I also have to shoot of the bank approval to Porter Davis.

Still don't know if I should be happy or sad, so staying boarder line just for the while. Well until the bank approves the designs and land.

Excited or Stressed...? More boarderline.

On Friday 20/2/09, Georgie and Myself went to Porter Davis and finally put $1000 to get the house started. During this appointment, our Customer service consultant went though in detail the processes that we would be going though in next few weeks (and months, possibly years).

During this appointment not much happened in the way of extras and contracts. It was mainly picking our Facade and getting a file started for us.

Speaking of Facades, it is useful to note that Porter Davis Access range of homes do not include the rendering on the Facades as standard. Our customer service consultant wasn't happy that Porter Davis do not let the customers know this in the brochure, but he made it quite clear that our facade is "just bricks".

This came as no shock to us as most things that are pictured in brochures, or as displayed in the display homes are not actually what the finished house will be like.

Pictured below is what our Facade should look like but with our colour scheme. But keep in mind, it's just BRICKS, no render lol.

We made a time early Sunday to have what they call a "V.O", which ironically stands for variation appointment. This is were we will have a build quote and go though the inclusions and extras in detail.

Monday, February 16, 2009

And So It Begins.....


In early January I went with a good mate Mike (bigred) to Pakenham to look at display homes. I went just for a look with no intention a month later I would be paying deposits and applying for a loan for my first house.

After visiting the display homes in Pakenham and Lyndurst I made the decision to sign my life away and purchase a house and land package. My girlfriend Georgie is comming along for the ride (somebody has to pick the colours lol) but the house will be solely in my name and funded for myself.

We originally were looking at land in Lyndurst, as it was closer to the city. But we came across some information about a toxic waste dump being close by. This did not sit well with me so I started looking at land in Pakenham.
The added bonus was land was cheaper so I could afford a larger house.

The Land
After multiple emails and visiting estates I found a great block in the Henty Park Estate at a fantastic price. Even better Porter Davis were able to fix the site costs on this land. But there is a catch (I am unsure if this will be good or bad). Mike will be literally be around the corner from us lol.

The land will not be titled until July - August so they wont start building at least until August September. But I'm not too fussed how long it will take to build, as long as they do it properly :).

Yesterday. Sunday 15th February at 1pm I paid $500 to the estate agent and signed the land contract subject to finance.

This was when it felt real. As i was driving home I thought to myself "Sh1t, I own land".

The sales manager George was most helpful and explained everything in detail. He also held the land for a couple of days until I could make it in on Sunday.

I purchased lot 888 which has a 16m Frontage and is 528m2.

The House
We have made the decision after looking at countless display homes multiple times that the Porter Davis - Stanford is the best house to suit us. Georgie and Myself looked at a couple of other designs such as the Regent and Flagstaff IV too. I have read mixed reviews about Porter Davis, but I imagine all volume builders have the same type of issues. Our sales consultants at Lyndhurst have been the most helpfully and the Stanford is the best house to suit us.

We have visited the display home multiple times and visited the PD interiors showroom. We are only making a couple of modifications to the plan. E.G. Alfresco and Kitchen Cupboards. I am also tossing up if I should raise the ceilings. It depends on the extra cost as i imagine it wont be cheap 2k+.

I will be putting my $1000 down with Porter Davis in the next couple of days.

So what happens from here. I should hear back from my broker regarding the Loan Approval Status in the next 3 or 4 days (This is the stressful bit so far). The Conveyancer is now organised and all contracts are being forwarded to them for review. I also have to visit Porter Davis and get things rolling. I will update my blog as soon as I find out any progress.

Stay Tuned....