Sunday, February 22, 2009

Excited or Stressed...? More boarderline.

On Friday 20/2/09, Georgie and Myself went to Porter Davis and finally put $1000 to get the house started. During this appointment, our Customer service consultant went though in detail the processes that we would be going though in next few weeks (and months, possibly years).

During this appointment not much happened in the way of extras and contracts. It was mainly picking our Facade and getting a file started for us.

Speaking of Facades, it is useful to note that Porter Davis Access range of homes do not include the rendering on the Facades as standard. Our customer service consultant wasn't happy that Porter Davis do not let the customers know this in the brochure, but he made it quite clear that our facade is "just bricks".

This came as no shock to us as most things that are pictured in brochures, or as displayed in the display homes are not actually what the finished house will be like.

Pictured below is what our Facade should look like but with our colour scheme. But keep in mind, it's just BRICKS, no render lol.

We made a time early Sunday to have what they call a "V.O", which ironically stands for variation appointment. This is were we will have a build quote and go though the inclusions and extras in detail.

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