Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good bye money.... Hello Variations!!

Today we had our variations appointment with Porter Davis. This involved getting out of bed nice and early, much to Georgie's disgust (and this was for a 10am appointment).

We met our customer service consultant and he gave us a big pile of papers. He went through every little detail and explained everything that was involved. He outlined the building quote, explained the fixed prices and gave us a thorough inclusions list.

He went through the process of how we pick the bricks, colours, tiles (that's a story), carpet etc. We only had 3 variations to the quote.

1. The Alfresco.
The Alfresco (fancy word for roof extension) will be 3.5m x 5.0m. This was $4561. I should note this is not including the concrete flooring.

2. "Sneaky" Door
Sliding door in Lieu of dining room window. This was a bonus. As we walked through the display house he noted that to have a sliding door in place of the window in the dining room would only be $319. This was one variation we couldn't pass by! Who wants a window when you can have a door!!!

3. Flooring!!!
This is the painful one. Our promotion includes floor coverings to all rooms. This means carpet to the dining and living rooms, and rumpus room (where I will be doing a fair bit of drinking). Who wants to eat or drink lol on carpeted floors. So we made the variation to get the Living, Rumpus and Dining floors Tiled. This is where the bank took a hit. $79 EXTRA per square metre.

They do not take the price of the carpet away. So technically we are paying to have flooring layed twice in both rooms. We could probably save money by getting it done aftermarket, but that would mean more stuffing around, and considering we are only getting 3 variations (or extras) I think I will just pay it.
I should note that to change the carpet in these rooms to tiles will cost me $5291. Ah well, you win some you loose some ROFL.

So where to from here? Should be getting a call from the Interiors showroom and National Tiles in the next couple of days.
I also have to shoot off a copy of the land contract (and two exist, one with the bank and the other with the conveyancer) so this might be fun! I also have to shoot of the bank approval to Porter Davis.

Still don't know if I should be happy or sad, so staying boarder line just for the while. Well until the bank approves the designs and land.

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  1. Jimmy,

    Firstly, alfresco is not a fancy word for roof extension, but rather a French word that means "in the open air". Anyways, that's hardly the point of my reply :-)

    Variation 1 - Alfresco:
    From what I can tell, that's pretty good pricing for an alfresco of such size. Alfresco's are for wankers anyway (fully aware that I have an Alfresco, but they're still for wankers). For the covering of your Alfresco, are you going to go with:
    a) Concrete
    b) Concrete + Tiling
    c) Wood

    Also, is it 5m in width, or length?

    Variation 2: Sneaky Door
    Good choice, I'm also going to blow away a window and replace it with a door (left of the pool table in the living room). Honestly, who thought one door (not including laundry) is enough for outside access? Swear some of these builders are a bunch of peanuts.

    Variation 3: Flooring
    Yikes. Just do it after, fuck paying that much for tiling.

    Anyways, I'm pretty bored so I'm going to modify your floor plan with a killer outside area.