Monday, February 23, 2009

Just take my wallet.. Come back with a house!

Just a quick update.

Well the fun has begin, and the paper chase in in full form.

An outline of what has been happening over the last 48 hours:

The Bank and Broker
The broker wants the First Homer Grant filled out and mailed back. This would be fine but to do so I need a building contract!

The bank is still doing the full full approval of the land loan and still waiting on approval on the construction loan. The bank sends these both out together!

Well the government wants a FHOG form filled in (obviously). With this you need the full building contracts which take up to 7 weeks to prepare (currently in week 2).

The builder wants copy's of my 100 page land contract and notification on conditional approval for the construction loan which I don't get until CBA passed on the approval for the land loan. The builder is waiting for there before they continue with everything.


I love the conveyancer. Hasn't bothered me one bit at all, and done exactly what I needed it to do with no hassle.

I should note that all companies involved have been fantastic, I just thought I would vent my paper frustration lol.

Ill also note that Georgie mentioned she wants to get the house unpainted (only if we get a credit from the builder, and only interior colours). She wants to do this because she wants to paint it. Hmmmmm... I suppose you can guess whats going though my head. LOL


  1. and i should just add that its not that i WANT to paint the house if its gonna take a lot l=of money off then ill do it and it will actually be decent paint in colours we really want! but i dont think we will cuz james doesnt think its the best idea ive ever had lol

  2. Most builders will probably give you a "No" to that I would imagine. Reason being, is if you try to take away little bits and pieces from the builder for credit such as:
    * flooring
    * painting

    Then all of a sudden the builders margin decreases, and their margin already isn't exactly massive. This is the exact reason for why they charge quite a hefty amount for extras. They will let you paint it yourself, but they probably won't give any credit.

    I'm sure you'd do a wonderful job at painting though, Georgie!

    This is your first home, as long as it has walls and a roof, you're laughing. Same reason I'd suck it up on the tiles/carpet issue. In the end it's your choice obviously, but I'd rather be spending the money on the inside of the house, the stuff that you gradually collect over your lifetime and move from home to home.

    Just my two cents anyway.

    It's fucking 2:30am and I spent the last 4hours fixing a freaking server! You guys are lucky to be in retail :-)