Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lucks Changed! Back on Track.

Hi all.

Lucks finally back. A fun roller coaster of fun. After the issues discovered in the below post we have found a way around them all. A big relief to say the least.

The bank is unconditionally approving the land loan now. Porter Davis are preparing the contracts! Bit of a change to a week ago. Now just awaiting the valuation of the land (who knows how they do this when it is still hills of dirt lol)

We went to Hopetoun Interiors (again) on Saturday. We have pritty much finalised our color selections and bricks etc. I will update soon as I dont have the samples and names with me.


  1. Good work. Luck's changed..yeah, until the next thing goes wrong. Glad to hear you've done all your selections and shit. I'm keeping the peace on mine until another month before I do selections and shit. I'm thinking of hitting it up like:

    Bricks = Red
    Roof = Red
    Door = Red
    Carpet = Red
    Paint = Red

    Then it truly will be, Big RED's Castle!



    Big Red

  2. LOL Mike then you'll need to change the name to "The BIg Red Castle" instead haha at least it will be easy to pick everything! No it SHOULD be but none of this stuff is easy!!!!

  3. Ahh this is a good point you raise their Georgie. You see what's bothering me though, this home build process is excessively long and yet's been a solid 90 days since I began looking at houses.

    Now, I'm an optimistic man, but this really is the most rediculous thing i've ever done, and it's not even remotely interesting.

    Brick choice? Boring
    Tiles? Boring
    Carpet? Boring
    Stove? Boring
    Oven? Boring
    Fridge hole? Boring
    Garage? Boring
    Walls? Boring

    There's really not one thing that's partially interesting in this entire thing, yet the overall excitement of owning a wall, and a garage, hell even a fridge hole is exciting.

    What worries me though, is will this excitement of owning a wall or a garage disappear shortly after moving in, or will indeed last a life-time?

    Truly powerful and moving questions these are.

    Quite frankly, who gives a flying fuck. Atleast this message swallowed up 5 minutes of my time.

    Beer time!


    The Big Sexy Red Chiefton

  4. All the best man.. currently i am building simonds home in country victoria...very exciting!!