Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Update

Well, it’s been awhile since I did my last update. Nothing too interesting to report other than spending alot of time in front of the photocopier and constantly signing documents.

Porter Davis
Since the last visit to Porter Davis and paid our deposit not much has happened in the way of colours and variations.

We became worried when it wasn’t until 20/3/09 that we had had some form of communication from them. That’s exactly a month later after paying the deposit. It didn’t bother us too much just concerned that nothing was happening. Luckily this has been resolved and I have been introduced to our Customer Service Coordinator.

I have booked in our Contract appointment with Porter Davis for the 5th May. This will mean that we will have no problem with the First Home Owners Grant and Timing of Contracts and Building. This brings us within 26 weeks from contract date to site start.

The National Tiles selection appointment is on the 28th April to finalise the tile selection. Georgie has a uni exam that day so I am trying to change it but if we can’t we will finalise all the selections earlier and when I go in i will just confirm that is what we want.

Due to the massive workload on the banks at the moment, it took much longer than expected to gain formal approval from CBA. We had to extend the finance approval clause in the land contract for another 2 weeks. Luckily after we applied for an extension the bank approved the loan.
This coming Saturday 28/3 I will be paying the remainder of the land deposit.

As I mentioned above because of the FHOG coming to an end the banks are backlogged with loan applications. This caused our loan approval to take ages and constant sweaty palms lol.

That’s about it for the moment. Georgie has been buying heaps of stuff for the house like frypans, cutlery and glasses. I think she is now hooked on buying stuff. Well atleast its not coming out of my pocket rofl! And it keeps her busy!


  1. Frypans, Cutlery and Glasses? Why don't you buy all that crap after Christmas when it's all going to be cheap? Or around the end of financial year?

    You two are fucking morons, honestly (only joking!). But on that note, I've been eyeing off some of my own glasses for the house, check these bad boys out:




  2. Lol thanks Mikey!! I'm actually not a "fucking moron" I DID get it all cheap!! Kmart and Target have their big homewares sales on at the moment so I got ...

    - 3 boxes of glasses (2 different styles, 2 of one for the kitchen and 1 of the other for the bar) which both have 8 tall and 8 short glasses for $20 (half price)

    - a 76 piece cutlery set for $70 (half price)

    - 3 really silky soft sheet sets for $100 (60% off)

    - 3 saucepans, 3 frypans and a wok all 40% off

    - a knifeblock for 30% off

    - a matress protector for half price

    - 2 dinnersets for half price (20 bucks each)

    - an electric blanket for $20 (about %180 full price)

    And then i had staff discount on top of all that too!!!

    So in your face I got good deals!!!

    Your gonna pay 40 bucks for 4 beer glasses you'll never use cuz you all drink out of the bottle!!! So really your the fucking moron!!!

    Hahaha!! Next on my list to buy is more kitchen stuff ... tongs, spatulas, flipper thingies, grater, wooden spoons .... Lol James is right its my new addiction and alot better for me than smoking lol

  3. Georgie,

    I know you're not a fucking moron! :-) I need someone like you on my home building team. I need someone to purchase all my crap, I hate shopping. Honestly, I think I'll do all my shopping over the internet.

    76 piece cutlery set? Holy shit!

    I'm kind of lucky it's just me, all I need is:
    * 10 Steak Knives
    * 10 Forks
    * 10 Spoons

    Spoon quality = who cares, it's a spoon
    Fork quality = who cares, it's still a fork
    Knife quality = critical, when you're cooking a 400g Eye Fillet, you need a decent knife to carve that baby up.

    10 Spoons = $10.00
    10 Forks = $10.00
    10 Quality Steak Knives = $40.00

    A quality steak knife will cut through bone, so I won't need any carving knives.

    Knifeblocks aren't good for knives, they can warp the wood due to the placement - My good man Ramsay told me.

    Saucepans - Sauces suck, quality meat doesn't require sauce. If it does, I'll just use garlic butter. So no saucepans are needed

    Frypans - I'll get one, one will be plenty for the bacon and eggs. Everything else will be done on the BBQ.

    Sheets - I have no need for sheets, haven't had a sheet since about the age of 10. Real men sleep on a couch.

    Matress Protector - What?

    Dinnersets - No idea what that is to be dead honest.

    Electric blanket - Put a jumper on.

    Tongs - Yeah, I'm with you on this one. Tongs are critical, I'll need a good set of 5. Need 1 small one for short-range BBQ action. Couple of mid-sized for mid-range BBQ action, and a couple of super long spec for the "ahh fuck, the smokes in my eyes" BBQ action.

    Spatulas - This word always reminds me of a Tarantula. I hate spiders. I'm not a big fan of spatulas, mostly because they're used for flipping meat, but when used to flip meat, it's often done wrong. A lot of people (including myself), when they flip meat using a spatula the meat is forcefully dropped on the otherside, causing precious blood from the cow to ooze out. This is not good. Whereas, using a tong, you can carefully turn it over. I'm sure Ramsay will agree with me on this one.

    Grater - Yeah, pretty important. I like the greaters which have many different sizes. I like my cheese in different sizes.

    Wooden Spoon - These things creep me out, what's stopping from a bit of the wood chipping from the spoon into the food and getting lodged in your throat. It's a deadly weapon.

    Anyways, this reply is actually bigger than James' blog entry!



  4. Lol if your forks are shit they will snap in your steak hence ruining a perfectly good piece of meat! We got free steak knives but i think james wants better ones even though ive never seen him eat steak lol

    a dinner set is plates, bowls cups you know the things you put your food on!!

    and if ramsay doesnt like my wooden knifeblock he can fork out the extra couple of hungy's to get a metal one!!!

    and that many tongs is a little excessive!! just hire a chef to do it for you lol

    and yes something we agree on, jamess post is crap and our replies are awesome =)

    ps id be more than happy to buy all your stuff =) as i said im now addicted to housie shopping!!

  5. Nah, see a fork does nothing but penetrate the meat, a decent fork isn't necessary. A fork just does the penetration of the meat, no movement is required from the fork. As long as the fork isn't a plastic type you can from Fantastic Noodle bowls, than it'll be fine.

    Yes, I'm now familiar with a dinner set. Now, I've been watching many cook shows over the last few months (training for when I move out), and I notice that certain different style of plates and bowls are required for the food to be presentable. Square plates, round plates, rectangle plates...that's gay! So I'll be happy with a set of cheap round plates (I mean really, it's a plate - it's primary role is to sit there).

    The tong theory isn't excessive, it's a well-thoughtout purchase.

    Yeah, tell you what, give me a day for we should hit up the shops and do some purchasing. Sorry but I don't trust you enough to do it without me being there, you'll do something silly like my sister would do. Eg: Buy a $100.00 pair of tongs. :-)

  6. haha i wouldnt waste your money and i wouldnt give the shops the satisfaction of charging me $100 for a pair of freaking tongs!! we will make a date you let me know when, im doing the silly thing and getting it all now so i have no where to store it lol but as i said its only cuz of the current sales!! and ill get all the electrical stuff at boxing day =)

  7. Alright, as soon as Big Red gets paid next, we'll hit it up. Just don't yell at me if I leave for the pub half way through it :P