Friday, April 10, 2009

Interior and Exterior Selections.

Hey all.
This is our selection we are going to our Hopetoun Interiors appointment with on the 20/4.
I really just needed another excuse to upload photos lol. Sorry for the image quality, most of them are done with the crappy blackberry camera.

Bricks - Boral Brushwood.

Roof Tiles : CSR Monier Elabana Barramundi

Gutters, Facias, Window Frames and Downpipes:

Sinks in ensuite:

With this Mixer Tap:

Sink in Bathroom:

Benchtops in Bathrooms:

Cupboards in kitchen: (Laminex Milano Walnut)

Kitchen Bench: Quantum Quartz Ice



Carpet: Godfrey Hirst Old Leather. 2nd One Down

Handles in kitchen and bathroom


  1. Those selections suck balls, according to Huddo and Sam. I myself, think they're fantastic.

    Kind regards,

    Big Red

  2. Thanks chief! I am going to name my big red glass splashback after you.

    My septic tank will be named after huddo and sam.

  3. Mike is full of shit. I have only just seen these selections and blog up dae and think they are good to. I think you should name your septic tank Big Red now seen as he is a dodgy fuck.

  4. ROFL. The septic tank will be in joint names..... Happy? :>