Thursday, May 7, 2009

Contracts signed and with the bank!

Hi All.

It’s been a while since I last posted. Mainly because nothing too much interesting has happened. I posted a blog last night by accident (i wasn’t meant to upload it, it should have had pictures).

On the 28/8 was our tile appointment. We were originally quoted $79 extra per sqm to tile the dining lounge and rumpus. We went in about a month ago and the tiles we chose had been moved to an upgrade selection. I was pissed off to say the least. I told my CSC that I will be getting it all done after handover because I wasn’t going to pay $100 per SQM to tile it. Georgie wasn’t happy either, and the poor girl that served us got an earful from her.

So at our actual tile appointment guess what, our consultant was the same girl, and the first thing she said was to Georgie "I remember you". It was really quite funny. I had walked in to the appointment not giving a shit and paid $8,350 to tile my house with the tiles I wanted. Just take my money and get the job done.

After that on the 5/5 I had my contract appointment. This was the most exciting thing for me so far because I just wanted a final price and not have to pick colours or tiles etc. I went in and did the man thing (I didn’t let Georgie come hehe) and signed my life away. 12 signatures and 100's of signatures later it was over. That’s it all done. Total construction price $178,202. So with land total purchase $312,202. Pretty good.

I handed them to the my broker today 7/5/09, and that’s it. The bank just has to value the house contract and its over (YAY!!!!!), well until building. The banks will probably take 5 weeks to unconditially approve the loan. My broker worked it out I have borrowed 88% of the total cost thus I’m broke. But there is still plenty of money for booze, don’t worry bigred!.

Here is the position in the drawings of my house.

I have blanked our street names etc to stop stalkers (like huddo) :P

Thats all for now. Ill keep you updated when i recieve the valuation and then the building start date is october.


  1. Updated the total $ input didnt work out so i deleted it.

  2. I love a good picture. Interesting to see that you've still got a bit of space out the back still as well. Plenty of room for the VN commodores.

    I don't have that much space out the back of the house, probably more on the side. Honestly, my house is going to look retarded on my block. The land will be like 10x bigger than the house. But that's how Big Red rolls. Who needs a house when you can have 20 sheds.

    I've been thinking about me landscaping recently, I've got a couple of killer ideas.

    Here's some ideas I'm throwing around:
    * Vietnam War garden (big thick bushes, sandbags, fake river)
    * Veggie Garden (let's be honest, this is gay)
    * Beer Garden (shed for the home brew kit)
    * Piss-Wall (lemon trees)

    I'll be posting a blog entry about the landscaping ideas, so your opinion is important.

    By the way man, what do the tiles look like?


    Big Red

  3. lol... the tiles look like tiles.. I’ll bring the samples when i see u next.

    Love the landscaping ideas. I think a mix between the Vietnam War Garden, the Beer garden and piss wall would be best. But we know the most likely will be the piss wall!

    Look forward to your blog.

  4. Yeah, everyone loves lemon.

  5. LOL! I wouldn't need to stalk you il be invited for the initial piss up at completion :p

    SOunds good man, i guess alot of stress off your back now!! Guess what! After seeing an auction on sat where the house went for 90k over the advertised price, I might just build now, specially if I can get away with it for well 300k il be happy! Then some more moran can rent it for an overly expensive price to cover my mortgage lol suckers :p

  6. edit: *moron, *pore. Also I would like to add the advantage of building I want have to compete with morons for the house or land lol