Monday, May 25, 2009


My home loan has been fully approved unconditional!!!

Valuation of the Land and House came in at the banks valuation.

Nothing can stop us now... P-Town here we come.

On another note Big Red (Mike), Georgie and Myself went up to the land on Saturday night at 11pm to check it out (and have a pizza from a shop thats open till midnight at ptown). Its completely flat so in a few weeks we should be seeing roads etc.

That's it for now.


  1. Firstly, completely flat is pushing it. Secondly, that wasn't a bad pizza. Killer base, Killer crust. Toppings weren't bad, needed a bit more flavour though.

    Might have been a good idea to have let it cooled down for atlesat 30seconds after it came out of the oven as well.

    P-Town Pizza, fo shizzle.

  2. What's the location of this pizza shop. May need to 'conduct an offsite meeting' there...

  3. Krish: Get off at McGregor Road. You will get to a round-about at the off-ramp, vear left (first exit). You will see a large fuck-off sized building on your left coming up, this is a shit-heap small shopping centre.

    However, there's a Pizza shop on the side of it.

    There's also a Fish N Chip shop near it, haven't sussed it out, but relatively expensive. $0.90 for a Dim Sim is bullshit.

  4. Saw the land today. Getting smoothed over.